Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lye veins

I made soap last night...One batch came out great, I'll post that later. The other batch seized on me. I used some Shea butter that smelled a little off, and I think it caused the seize. I have in the past noticed if you use an oil that has gone a little funny, that the patch has a tendency to trace very quickly or seize. Anyway, I tried to stir it and get it mixed well, and I was very hopeful. But... when I unmolded it I saw some strange, lighter striations.

When I tested it with my phenolphthalein(a chemical that reacts to alkaline substances) it came out bright pink. So sad. I made this soap especially for my husband. It had a very masculine scent and has pumice in it to get his hands nice and clean. Bummer. Here is a video of me testing it, so you can see for yourself.

I talked to my sister, and she suggested re-batching it. I don't re-batch often, mostly because I am not fond of my outcomes, but I gave t a whirl. I shredded it and remelted it w/ just a little bit of water. It is useable now, so thats a plus. But I am on the fence about the look of it.

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